I. S. Associates - Who are we?

I. S. ASSOCIATES offers the best professional services with full dedication, promptness, integrity, sincerity and devotion. We have established professional credibility, clean image and untainted reputation with high moral standards, code of conduct, ethics and working principles. In these times of globalization, industrial growth and meeting the ever-changing challenges of the new millennium, valuation of assets acquires utmost importance. Our company has carried out innumerable valuations. We are equipped with a continuously updated data bank. Our experience in valuation since the last 15 years has led to a very impartial, accurate, precise and expert valuation. By virtue of our nature to devote utmost attention, total dedication and maximum efforts in each assignment, we have constantly enriched our industrial experience, widened our knowledge, enhanced our talents, skills and capabilities, gained insight and sufficient experience into handling of a wide variety of assignments relating to all heavy, medium and small scale industry and also related to other miscellaneous facets of trade and business activities.

We are a team of professional engineers having rich industrial experience, practically involved in development, implementation and monitoring of various systems and “Total Quality Management’ in organizations, committed to provide consultancy / training in the field of Quality / Environment Management Systems, Shop-floor improvement practices and other emerging trends in the industries for the overall improvement and growth of manufacturing and service sectors.

We have Bureau Of Energy Efficiency, Ministry of Power (India) certified Energy Auditors in ourteam to conduct energy audit. The optimization and management of energy in every country and industries have emerged as the most important variable to ensure sustainable growth. We were founded on the principles that energy needs to be conserved and optimized and has deployed efforts, over several years, to ensure that customer organizations, implement processes that ensure the effective utilization of energy within a safe, healthy, eco-friendly environment. We provide consulting and expert advisory services to audit energy utilization and offer solutions for maximizing scare resources with the alternative options to fulfill requirements. These services help to establish long term reliability at our customer units and also mitigate the risks of industrial hazards within their operations.