Valuation Services for Insurance Purpose

Sum insured is an extremely important aspect of a contract of insurance. Companies suffer substantial financial losses on account of under insurance.

Under insurance becomes apparent only at the time of claim settlement. Insurance can provide full protection only when the sum insured is adequate at inception, during the period of policy and at renewals.

Adequacy of the sum insured is important to protect the interest of the stakeholders in the insured entity. When you have a claim, you would want to avoid the perils of under insurance. This is where asset valuation done by a trusted and professional valuation firm like I S ASSOCIATES makes a world of difference.

I S ASSOCIATES is one of the leading valuation service providers in India that has been carrying out assessment of major losses in the country for the past three decades.

I S ASSOCIATES has been the valuation firm preferred by insurance companies, insurance brokers, banks and corporate houses to carry out the valuation services for insurance purposes.

I S ASSOCIATES diverse and in-depth knowledge, long experience and expertise of both – insurance and valuation – enables I S ASSOCIATES to provide accurate and precise valuations for Insurance purposes.

By adopting proven and best-practice methods of asset valuations, I S ASSOCIATES provides accurate valuations to ensure that the client’s assets are neither under insured — so that the client doesn’t face a deduction at the time of the claim — nor are they over insured so as to add an unnecessary burden of the additional premium for the increased sum insured for the company’s assets.