Techno- Economic Viability : TEV - Reports

Techno-Economic Viability study of a project encompasses the evaluation of a project as per a systematic procedure for weaving the technical and financial information about the project, with relevant data about its technological and economic environment, into one or a few criteria on the basis of which the project is assessed and recommended for selection, modification or rejection.

The feasibility report aims to objectively and rationally uncover the strengths and weaknesses of an existing business or proposed venture, opportunities and threats present in the environment, the resources required to carry through and ultimately the prospects of success.

We at Cavalry have an expert team of young and experienced professionals who have collective experience across all the industries in carrying out the feasibility study.

Lenders’ Independent Engineer: LIE - Reports

LIE reports are required by financial institutions to have an update on the project development and utilisation of funds in the same project which is financed by the institutions.
Lenders’ Engineers are appointed primarily to safeguard the interest of the lenders and to ensure that the risk of lenders is minimised. This is achieved by appointing the experienced engineering team to monitor the project and achieving timely completion and maintaining the cost and its budget.
Our professionals possess the complete set of techno commercial and financial management skills to provide the required insight into the lending and utilisation process.
Our associates possess the complete set of techno-commercial and financial management skills to provide the required insight into the lending and utilization process.
The Lender’s engineer was appointed primarily to safeguard the interests of the lenders(bank/financial instition/investor) to ensure that the risk of the lender is minimized. This can be achieved by appointing an experienced engineer to monitor the project and achieving the timely completion, maintaining the cost and its budget, ensuring the quality of material and workmanship. While doing a regular factual reporting from site, the lender’s engineer monitors the proper utilization of funds too.
Lender’s and investor’s engineer in any industrial, real estate or infrastructure project principally assures and ensures the correctness of the project execution and its periodic reporting/ monitoring to the lender/investor. This may also be extended to verification of the completed project and commissioning of any industry.
The role of a lender’s engineer is to verify the physical status of work being implemented on the site and to judge and report the quantum of finance actually being contributed and used on the project. These services assure the lender against the misuse of funds.
Our associates have acted as a lender’s engineer on behalf of various banks and financial institutions on a number of projects. To be in this industry it takes due diligence consulting company to understand the core competencies of business pattern. The various aspects of Lenders independent engineer services are

1. Pre-financial closure services: This involves due diligence which includes profile verification, functional aspects review, project design review, to concept planning, compliance, cost verification, environmental, purchase and various licenses and agreements.
2. Construction stage services : Budgets, plans, forecasting and other related to the construction, progress monitoring, risks, quality and ease of construction. Further certification of disbursement requests by banks is required from time to time at this stage.
3. Plant commissioning and operations: reporting on project registration services, performance reports of various aspects, its operations and issue assessment and others will be a part of the post-commissioning services.

Advantages :

Assurance on present practices
Identification of Risk
Analysing the performance of third parties

Methodology followed:

Technical due diligence
Construction monitoring
Performance testing and final certification
O & M reviews