Chartered Engineer's Certification

Chartered engineers help the industry in Import and Export of Plant & Machinery, fixation of norms and render services to certify the value of goods & equipment for custom / duty / drawback / excise duty benefit purposes.

A Chartered Engineer’s (CE) Certification is required to export old or used Plants and Machinery to India. A agency mandated by Govt. of India to provide CE Certification is required to inspect the machinery prior to shipment and give its opinion in form of a CE Certificate regarding the condition and balance life of machinery, current market value for assessment of duty, contents including spare parts, etc. It is mandatory to produce this CE Certificate during customs clearance for such goods in India.

We have approved and registered Valuers and Chartered Engineers to perform inspection and prepare a comprehensive report. I S Associates follow strict guidelines for inspection and guarantees the quality and value of machinery to be mentioned in the report that helps importer and Customs officials to assess. I S Associates is a team of recognised professionals that provide consultancy and
produces chartered engineer certificates in the following areas:

Project technical and techno-economic feasibility report

Technical appraisal of the strengths of any company

Stability certificates for buildings

Safety certificate for prohibition – Explosive Department

Certification required for technical submissions to government and other bodies

Export – Import raw material consumption norms per unit quantity of finished product

We also provide other miscellaneous certification required from time to time for various technical subject and issues like , production capacity certificate, installation of machinery certificate, technical opinion for insurance , EPCG scheme for DGFT (Appendix- 32A ) , advance license certificate (Appendix- 32B / 11A) Any type of certificate regarding technical matter for any department. excise – credit for new machinery purchase certificate, Airport - ICD machinery valuation & verification as a chartered engineer and techno-economic viability study reports.