Valuation of Goodwill, Brand Valuation & Intangible Asset Valuation

There’s a growing need for valuation beyond tangible assets. Intangible asset valuation services such as valuation of goodwill, intellectual property, reputation, relationship and brand valuation etc. are critical forces and key determining factors in mergers and acquisitions and other corporate deals.

The past decade has witnessed a dramatic shift in the sources of value creation from tangible assets (such as property, plant, equipment and inventory) to intangible assets (such as human capital, patents, business systems, pre-qualifications and brands).

At I S ASSOCIATES, we are a leading team of experienced asset valuers with an illustrious history of offering intangible asset valuation services across four broad categories to support the superior market performance of businesses:

Knowledge intangibles: Patents, software, recipes, know-how, information databases etc.

Business process intangibles: Business models, manufacturing techniques and supply chain management.

Market position intangibles: listings and contracts, distribution rights, licenses, government permits and authorisations and raw materials sourcing contracts.

Brand and relationship intangibles: Brand names, trademarks and trade symbols, domain names, design rights, trade dress, packaging, copyrights, etc.