Real Estate Valuation

Real estate valuation, also known as property valuation, is a key element in a wide range of financial transactions across sectors.

Property forms a large part of all investments, businesses, loans and lending activity of most of the economies. Owners of property vary from individuals, families, communities, governments, manufacturing businesses, service industries, investors, etc. Banks and lenders have a large part of their loan portfolios comprising real estate/property.

Characteristics of properties are varied and so are the property valuation needs of each type of owner or stake-holder. Asset valuers in this space require a deep understanding of the real estate valuation methods, best practices, and principles of property valuation.

Real estate valuation may be used for the following purposes:

Banking & Lending

Purchase Price Allocations

Financial Reporting under IndAS and IFRS

Reinstatement Valuation for Insurance

Impairment study

IPO and Commercial Papers

Management Review / Strategic Decisions

Debt Restructuring

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Asset retirement & Disposal

Insolvency and Bankruptcy

Mergers and Acquisitions


Fairness Opinions

Taxation and Regulatory

Additionally, RNC also provides the following services:

Buy side / Sell side transaction advisory for properties

Feasibility & viability studies for real estate projects

Highest & best use studies

Market research & analysis of potential construction sites

Property identification for lease, lease rental determination, documentation drafting and negotiation